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Oral Exam

December 16, 2009

Today we learned of the passing of Oral Roberts. He was 93 years old. In his lifetime, he started a hospital, many churches and Oral Roberts University. The man was associated with the so-called “health and wealth gospel” that purports to express the teaching of Jesus as a “name it and claim it” formula by which believers give to get. Needless to say that is inconsistent with the Bible, historical Christianity and reality. Oral Roberts “gospel” had more in common with Oprah’s “spirituality” and pop books like “The Secret” than the Good News in Matthew, Mark , Luke and John.

However one may feel about Oral Roberts theology, one thing is certain; he provides a fascinating insight into the base hypocrisy of the liberal Left in this country. How so? History  tells us that Oral Roberts University received the most media attention it ever had during the attempt to smear Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. At that time, Judge Thomas’ qualifications and intelligence were beyond dispute. The man had risen from unimaginable poverty to the highest accolades in the legal profession. During judge Thomas’ confirmation hearing, extremists like Ted Kennedy were at a loss to prevent his appointment to the highest court in the land. The man had impeccable credentials and was the first African American to be nominated since the extremely liberal Thurgood Marshall in the 1960’s.

Only a few years before, Kennedy had dashed the appointment of Robert Bork in a hysterical hate campaign that sought to destroy Judge Bork’s reputation and thus disqualify him from the bench. Remember, these were the days of total control of the media by the Dan Rathers and the Peter Jennings of the world, who sniffily sneered at America’s heartland values. There was no Matt Drudge, no Breitbart, no Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck to shout “wait a minute you liberals are liars!” After a slanderous season of lies and innuendo insinuating that Bork was a crypto fascist, Kennedy and his comrades managed to torpedo the nomination and the term “Borking” entered the national political landscape. The Left simply destroyed nominees on the right since the days of the Nixon Administration’s Haynsworth/Carswell debacle and Reagan’s buckling on Mel Bradford. The liberals did it before, and they would do it again — business as usual in Washington.

But Ted Kennedy had a major problem: Clarence Thomas was black. How could multimillionaire Ted Kennedy, a man who had never worked a single day in his entire life, attack the great-grandson of slaves without appearing to be a racist? The race card was not as worn out in those days and was used with deadly results by men such as Kennedy as a sort of nuclear option to silence the opponents. Even with the managed, corporate media in his pocket, the liberals understood that an inquisition by a bunch of rich white, liberal senators would look like what Clarence Thomas so memorably described it as “a high- tech lynching.” Kennedy would be seen as the Grand Dragon at a Klan rally. What to do?

In an act of unmitigated gall, the liberals trotted out a woman whose major qualification was that she was a teacher at Oral Roberts University. The mind reels imagining the acrimony and snide remarks that would be made had a victim of Bill Clinton been employed at Oral Roberts University. The references to snake handling and itinerate pastors and televangelists would have been in every lead paragraph. Th subtext of flyover-state ignorance would have dripped off of the media’s fangs- much like it dripped from the flabby jowls of Perez Hilton when Carrie Prejean dared state that she shared the majority of Americans’ view regarding homosexual “marriage.’

One looks in vain for any such references to this Oral Roberts University teacher, you see , her name was Anita Hill, but she is a piece of cultural detritus now. Her name was memorialized on thousands of bumper stickers found on the backs of cars in faculty parking lots, the Castro District of San Francisco and Planned Parenthoods everywhere. “I Believe You Anita” bumper stickers
were hurriedly scraped off when, in the wake of Bill Clinton’s serial adultery and rape accusations, the Left reverted to the “move on” mantra (the inspiration for George-Soros-funded is this era) and accusations that the conservatives were engaged in “sexual McCarthyism.” But back in the early 1990’s Clinton was an unknown Arkansas Governor and Clarence Thomas had to be destroyed. Anita Hill claimed that a full decade earlier Judge Thomas made unseemly references to someone called “long dong silver” in a humorous fashion after viewing a film starring said person in an obscenity case. Miss Hill claimed there was an incident in 1981 when he allegedly made a reference to hair on a Coke can and had the poor taste to ask Miss Hill on a date. This was supposed to be “sexual harassment,” remember? Never mind that the same feminists and liberals screamed to high heaven in defense of Bill Clinton’s office shenanigans with West Los Angeles’ 20-year-old Monica Lewinsky.

Yes, the name Oral Roberts serves as a fantastic litmus test. If you have a memory, you can piece together the hypocritical double standards employed by the Left. Oral Roberts University was a name intoned with the reverence of an Oxford or Cambridge when it was Anita Hill’s place of business. I wonder how the New York Times and CBS will treat Oral Roberts’ passing? I wonder if there will be a single mention of Anita Hill’s famous association with Oral Roberts. If ELVISNIXON is correct, the answer will be a decided silence on the matter. Down the memory hole with all their other lies .