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October 21, 2009

Leftist Lies, Obfuscation and Paygrades

Their is a deep confusion in American politics.

This confusion is caused by the Left. Conservatives are regularly called “fascists” by those on the Left.  Leftists change their name from “liberal” to “progressive.”  They also hide under the umbrella of “environmentalist” or crusaders for something called “social justice.”

Voltaire famously said that he refused to debate until his opponent “defined his terms.”  The terms for Leftists listed above all share a common definition, common character traits.  Generally, people on the Left like to tell other people what they ought to do.  If they have enough power, they extend their suggestion of what someone ought to do to what they MUST do.  They seem to love to compel someone else to act in accordance with their own priorities.
They deny the concept of truth, morality and universal standards.  They then seek to impose their own opinions (they can be nothing more than mere opinion after all) on others.
Who else does this?
Fascists, communists, socialists, Leftists, progressives and Democrats all NEED government POWER, so they consistently champion the EXPANSION of government.  I call it a family resemblance; those in the same family have shared characteristics. 
Conservatives? Conservatives want less, not more, government and more personal responsibility.  Conservatives believe government is necessary to protect “Life , Liberty and Property.”  They seek to protect these sacred things from everyone, particularly the leviathan state
Jonah Goldberg in his 2007 book Liberal Fascism points out the historical fact that Joseph Stalin, the brutal communist dictator and murderer, used the term “fascist” to condemn his fellow Left-wing Marxist Leon Trotsky.  Yes, Trotsky the communist was called a “fascist.”  But so was anyone else who disagreed with any Soviet policy, including those who opposed the massive expansion of government power.
Today, conservatives who seek less government are called “fascists” (someone who believes in maximum government) by Leftists who have the same goals as fascists (more government, less freedom).
Confusing?  Yes.  The Left lies and distorts through a misleading use of “Left vs Right.”  Like Stalin, they use labels to silence and frighten.  They call Focus on the Family “rabidly anti-gay,” but no homosexual is ever called anti-heterosexual or anti-family.  Obama is invariably called moderate, and any who dare question him are called extremists.

In order to get elected in the USA, Leftists must run as “moderates” and espouse conservative values, until they are elected and then the Leftist “wolf” takes off his sheepskin.

Remember Obama at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church? Candidate Obama said he opposed “gay” marriage.  Last weekend he came out in favor of homosexual “marriage’ and said that same-sex relations are morally laudable.

Candidate Obama said that the question of when life began was “above [his] pay grade.”  If that issue is beyond his understanding, then surely he should not seek to increase abortion funding to Planned Parenthood and mandate that all medical personnel be compelled to perform abortions even when their personal religious faith forbids it.

Perhaps, this should not surprise those who are paying attention.  Nobody every accused the Left of believing in “thou shalt not bear false witness.”